Welcome to Forward Fitness Inc.

Forward Fitness specializes in functional aging fitness programs.  These innovative and evidence-based programs are safe, effective, enjoyable, and purposeful.  You have a lot of control over how you age – the right kind of exercise and the right trainer, can make a huge difference.  Forward Fitness offers tailored exercise programs to help you be successful and reach your goals.  Learn how to train properly so that you can increase strength, improve your balance, and decrease pain.  Through education, motivation, and encouragement, Forward Fitness can help you improve your performance and confidence.

Most chronic illness and limitations associated with age have nothing to do with aging but rather inactivity.  Research shows that we can make significant changes to our physical movement and function just by maintaining our health and physical conditioning.  Whether you are middle-aged or older or have parents in their 80’s or 90’s, it is never too late to start and exercise program.  Building up strength and flexibility will result in tangible and enduring benefits in a surprisingly short time.  Forward Fitness in there for you so you can do the things you want, do what you enjoy, and do what you dream of doing with greater ease and less pain.

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